Skin Tightening with Protégé Elite

We are proud to offer a new non-surgical skin tightening treatment. The Protégé Elite is a revolutionary treatment for sagging skin and boosting collagen on the face and body.

These series of treatments mainly focus on loss of collagen, weight-loss, post-baby stomach skin stretching, and sagging of the skin on the face and body. Treatment sights include eyes, jowls, mouth, neck, stomach and decollete.


This is a non-surgical treatment with no downtime!


Protégé Elite uses radio-frequency to safely deliver electronic energy to the reticular layer of the skin where collagen and elastin builds. Clients who are pregnant or that have metal implants or plates on or near the treatment sites are not candidates for these services.

A series of 4 sessions that last 20-40 minutes per session are required and must be 7-10 days apart. Results can be seen by the second session and full results can be seen within 3 months after the series of 4 treatments.

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Protege Elite skin tightening