East Indian Facelift Massage

East Indian Facelife Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic technique combining acupressure, face reflexology, chakra balancing, tissue unwinding, and lymphatic drainage.


Stress in our faces can take its toll! We hold tension in our facial muscles caused by everyday use, focus, and stress. Our facial muscles become heavy, tight, and tired showing a sunken face, wrinkles or stress lines around our eyes, mouth, cheekbones, jowls, and forehead. The tissue in the skin then lacks circulation and flow that allows toxins to build up, adding to the weight in the face.


Releasing the tension and allowing the lymphatic system to more easily flow will show a more relaxed, lighter, and lifted face. Your smile will appear effortless and soft and your cheeks high and supple. The dark circles, eyelids, and crowsfeet will all improve. Healthier, naturally, and holistically.


East Indian Facelift Massage: $120 (90 mins)


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