Eyelash Extensions

What would you do with your time if you didn't have to put mascara on in the morning? With individual eyelash extensions, you can have WEEKS free of clumpy eye make-up smudges and lash separating woes.


Using a surgical grade adhesive, each individual eyelash is attached to your own natural eyelash and allowed to dry, leaving lashes long, luscious and looking better than Mascara.


With this service your eyelashes are longer, thicker and you'll be ready without the mess of mascara! We offer two looks, the classic style which is great for clients who want to add length and volume style for clients who want to add a lush, fuller appearance to their lash line.

Our Lashes

We've chosen a "Faux Mink" extension because they are durable, flexible and designed to bond with the adhesive in such a way that will prolong the length of time between fills. Our lashes come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and sizes:


  • Lengths of 7mm to 15mm

  • Curls: B, C, CC & D (B having the least curl, and D having the most curl)

  • Thicknesses of .05mm, .06mm, .07, .15mm, and .20mm

Caring for Your Lashes

For optimal eyelash maintenance, follow the guidelines below:

  • Avoid saunas, hot yoga, elevated body temperatures and getting lashes wet within the first 10 to 24 hours to allow adhesive to cure properly

  • Avoid eye make-up removers containing oils and detergents, as this will break down the adhesive and cause extensions to fall off prematurely

  • The use of mascara should be unnecessary, however, if you choose to use it to pump up lashes, it is advisable to choose one recommended for eyelash extensions (water based)

  • Use caution when applying eye gels and creams that you don't get it too close to the lashes. Some may contain oils that will cause adhesive to release lashes

  • Please do not Pick, Pull or Trim your Eyelash Extensions for ANY reason


Following these guidelines will ensure your lashes lasting as long as possible. In the case of losing multiple lashes due to these activities, it will be advised that you do a new full set to replace them.


This is determined by having less than 50% of your extensions left at the time of your fill


If, for some reason, your eyelashes prove to be aggravating, you have an allergic reaction or you are compelled to pick your extensions, I encourage you to contact the us right away for eyelash removal.


Classic Full Set - 1.5 hr

Touch Up

60 Min Fill

75 Min Fill 


Volume Full Set - 2.5 hr

Touch Up

75 Min Fill

90 Min Fill

Hybrid (classic/volume)

75 Min Fill

90 Min Fill

Russian Volume Full Set

2 Hour Fill

Lash Removal Fee

 $180+        $55+
















A fill offers replacement of eyelashes which have fallen off due to the natural cycle of hair growth.


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