Waxing and Sugaring

We offer soft and hard wax as well as sugaring for hair removal. There are people out there who have extremely sensitive skin or are just plain afraid of "strip" or soft wax and understandably so. We ensure comfortable wax temperatures and proper skin preparation by using adjustable wax warmers and products intended to protect the skin during your hair removal services.


If you are on ANY Medications or Topical Treatments that can effect the strength of your skin, we advise that you consult a physician and get their permission before receiving ANY waxing or sugaring services.


We WILL NOT perform any services on someone with compromised skin health or strength. It is for your safety and beauty that we have chosen to kindly refuse service to anyone currently receiving, using or have:

  • ANY Antibiotics

  • Retin-A/Prescription Retinol

  • Accutane

  • Chemotherapy

  • Coumadin

  • Prednisone


  • Hepatitis

  • Herpes/Cold Sores

  • Warts

  • Sunburn

  • Open Wounds

Preparation for Brazilian or Sugaring Services

Any hair removal service can be uncomfortable because you're removing multiple hairs all at once. Brazilians are no exception and quite possibly it's THE most painful. We've no choice but to accept that lady parts are SENSITIVE!


Take an ibuprofen or Tylenol at least 30 minutes before your appointment. As with any first time Brazilian service, there is the possibility that there are hairs hiding under the skin. This is because your hairs are on different "growth cycles". It's our assumption that these sneaky little hairs will start to appear anytime within 7 to 14 days after your waxing. Because of this, it's our suggestion (if you're willing to commit) to try a Brazilian at least 3 times before you write it off because:

  • After the 1st Brazilian, at about 4 weeks, most of your hairs will be grown back and the sneaky ones will still be there to remove with the rest.

  • After the 2nd Brazilian, you will experience more time hair-free than the first, you'll know what to expect and it will, very likely, be less painful.

  • By the 3rd Brazilian, all your hairs should be on the same "growth cycle." Your skin should be less sensitive and you will be familiar with what the service feels like. Next, we can develop a plan for how long to go between appointments.


As with any service requiring specific products, there is the possibility of allergies, adverse reactions or contraindications. We've chosen particular products because they provide outstanding results. If you think you are allergic or may react to any of the ingredients in the products we use, please contact us before booking your appointment to discuss these potential allergies and any alternatives.


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Mens Brazilian


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Full Leg

Full Leg Sugaring

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Chest & Stomach


Facial Hair Removal

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